Leading Project Management Apps to Use During Meetings

Project Management Apps

Project management tools are used by businesses to manage several projects at once. They put together teams of workers and assign them to knowledgeable leaders who are in charge of making sure the project is successful and finished on schedule. It takes a lot of effort to achieve this in a timely way and with proper organization. An app for project management enables the management of corporate initiatives on a single platform. It guarantees that each project’s progress is visible inside a single integrated system.

Every aspect of project management, from controlling the budget to assuring team members’ participation to managing the related resources, is crucial. Giving members a job to accomplish, checking the progress of the work they have been given, keeping track of the deadline, facilitating easy communication, and enabling managers and leaders to ensure that the tasks are finished on time. Examining some of the top project management app features will help.

Best Project Management App


One of the top project management applications is ASANA. It makes dashboards and dialogues easier to use. To communicate with the entire team, use the TEAM PAGES function. Additionally, a smart box function only displays alerts relevant to a certain team member. Other data sources like Google Drive, Github, Dropbox, and many others are simple to link with ASANA.


A widely used project management tool is Basecamp. It provides several tools for collaboration. Users can post comments in a specific discussion section, and emails can be used to deliver updates. However, it is not feasible to specify deadlines for each individual work in this application.


JIRA is the most popular project management tool used by several businesses that adhere to the Agile SDLC philosophy. The teams may use the real-time reporting tools and design bespoke Kanban and scrum boards. Bugs are simple to trace down and fix.

PM Teamwork

All of the necessary project tracking features that a user may need are included in Teamwork Project Management. It is intuitive and rather simple to use. Milestones, task management, chat boxes, file storage, and visualizations like a Gantt Chart are all things we can add. With the addition of DropBox, Google Drive, etc., database administration is also feasible.


A cloud-based project management tool is called Wrike. Google Apps, Excel, and other programs may all be seamlessly connected with this free project management app. Documents may be edited, created, and viewed by users right from their email addresses. For small teams, it is the best free task management tool accessible. The optimum use of Google’s project management tools is supported by this app.

Project Management Software from Microsoft

One of the greatest project management programs, also known as MS Project, has been around for close to three decades and comes in a variety of formats. It is still heavily utilized for difficult jobs. Strong reporting capabilities are facilitated by Microsoft Project management tools, which can be used to build pre-built and customized reports that can be exported to a PowerPoint slide. Professionals with training typically utilize this software since they are adept at getting the most out of it.

Projects on Zoho

The free project management app Zoho has all the same functionality as other software programs. It makes Gantt charts easier to use, integrates with other platforms, has a simple built-in tracking system, and supports simple reporting.

This cloud-based, free task management program is useful for medium businesses.

Troffer App

The Trello App is a well-known visualization application that provides several tools for project optimization and aids teams in project management. The renowned lean management approach, known as the Kanban system, is utilized by the Trello software.

The Trello app stands out since it provides both free and paid features. Because the Trello app is mobile-friendly, you can easily work and update the details of your projects while on the move.